June 2003: Germany

Thought it was time to update you on where I've been in the meantime… I still haven't gotten all pics from Egypt from Sibylle, so that will have to wait a bit longer – but just this month I took two short trips to Germany.

The first one was to my good friend Märrie, who lives in a village near Bonn. We had a wonderful time again – her family is lovely (and loving) and we drove all over the place, did some serious sightseeing and had generally a lot of fun together. She'll be coming to visit me again in October (when I'm back from my two months trip to New Zealand and Australia) and I can't wait!

We went to Aachen, where Charlemagne was crowned – a city full of interesting fountains, like the Puppenbrunnen (dolls' fountain).

On the way to Aachen, we stopped in Kornelimünster, a very picturesque little town.

Another trip led us to the imposing Marksburg, a still intact medieval fortress above the Rhine.

I felt very much at home with Märrie's family – they even invited me to a festive Whitsun lunch!

In Bonn there was a fascinating exhibition with replica of the famous clay army of the first Qin emporer. In fitting with that day's theme we went to see the movie 'Hero' that evening, which plays just during that time of Chinese history, before the kingdoms were united by the Qin.

That day in Bonn was an exception weatherwise – it was pouring as we walked through the gigantic park along the Rhine (the Rheinauen), and amused ourselves on a very funny playground… 🙂

Märrie also went to visit my grandparents' grave with me and helped me plant a rosetree there – it was a hot day, and afterwards we had icecream in the café at the village square. Childhood memories…

The second trip, following right after I returned from Märrie, was a trip to Dresden with my family, to a family reunion. My dad was born in Dresden in 1936 and lived there until after World War II, so it's a lot of family history on top of being a very interesting city in itself.

We were about 25 people this time around (it's the third reunion of that kind that my dad has organized) and were staying on a hotel ship, anchored on the river Elbe. We had a good 2 1/2 days together, and afterwards my family stayed for another 2 1/2 days. I had been in Dresden before, on the way to Prague in 2001, but my brother hadn't, and it was an interesting week, all in all.

Our complete family group on board of our swimming homestead, a YMCA ship on the Elbe.

An evening spent playing cards in the common room. Starting with myself clockwise around the table are my cousin Otfried, my uncle Gerhard, my brother's legs, my fourth (or something like that) cousins Maximilian and Arvid, and my second cousin Paul-Philip. You can't see my aunt Monika and Maxi's and Arvid's sister Franziska, who were also playing – other than myself. I amused myself by watching and peeking into other people's cards. *g*

But my favorite pastime however was looking after my youngest second cousin, Leander, the most content and happy baby on this planet (even if he doesn't look it in this pic).

After the reunion my parents took us to see the Elbsandsteingebirge, the famous 'Saxon Switzerland' – it was a lovely walk up a mountain, through a wonderfully shady forest.

Once we had reached the top (where we met up with uncle Gerhart and aunt Monika), we had a lovely view over cliffs and the Elbe. The yellow sandstone is typical for this area – most historical buildings in Dresden were built with it (as was the royal castle in Copenhagen). Unfortunately it turns grey, as you can see clearly in this picture .

At the moment I'm slowly growing more and more excited about my trip down under.

The first month I'll spend in New Zealand with friends that I met in California after graduation, doing what is called a 'field trip exercise' for my university major Cultural Anthropology. That means that I'll have the chance to learn about Maori culture, especially about the means and importance of transmitting identity-forming knowledge. Will be very interesting, I'm sure, and I am very lucky and grateful to have found in my friend Denise someone who knows a lot about these things and has great connections, enabling me to go to a camp for young Maori and talk to older Maori women.

After that I'll head over to Australia and will travel around the east coast there – and hopefully I'll see Adam and Willa again, who I met in Washington D.C. last fall. So yeah – this will be my big trip of this year. Can't wait and am enjoying the planning immensely (as usual)!

Hope everyone who reads this is fine and enjoying summer – and if you're interested in reading about my day-to-day life, you can check out my weblog on my new domain, chocolate dream. *hugs*

Edited with two more pics from Bonn that Märrie just sent me – plus I made an entry about her last visit in Basel.

April 03: M‰rrie's visit in Basel

Märrie just sent me some pictures from her visit with me at the beginning of April. She could only stay about four days, but we had a lot of fun during those.

A funny fountain very close to where I live – it's quite tricky to aim the water right into the fat guy's mouth! *g*

We made a trip to beautiful Lucerne and took a boat over the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) to the Swiss traffic museum.

One of the exhibits there is a gigantic aerial view of Switzerland – it's so accurate, I even found our house!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos and therefore Märrie is nowhere to be seen… But she was there, I assure you! 🙂

Hello from Switzerland!

I finally managed to get scanned some of the pictures I took in America – plus a couple from the recent skiing trip with my family.

It's taken me ages, I'm sorry – I've been not really well all semester, but now I slowly get back to normal. I'm also planning my next big trip – this summer to New Zealand and Australia!

Okay, so the New Zealand trip is not just for pleasure – for my university major, Cultural Anthropology, I need to do 'field work', meaning I have to go and study another culture. Since I know an awfully nice Kiwi girl, who has the best connections, and always wanted to go visit her and her family anyway, I decided to learn about the Maori.

After that, since I'm down there anyway, I'll go over to Australia and visit Willa, who I met in DC last fall. We want to go traveling together for a bit – and I do hope that it all works out!

Anyway here are the pics:

Boston's skyline, from Charlestown on the other side of the harbour, where that old ship lies. I love this city – it's one of the most beautiful in the US, in my opinion.

This was my favorite spot – a bench at the Charles River.

This is Jenny, from Ohio. We met at the hostel and went exploring together.

After Boston I went to Cape Cod, where I stayed in Provincetown – town of the rainbow flag… 😉

The weather was beautiful, so I spent a lot of time on the beach.

I did a short detour to Canada and visited beautiful Montreal. This is the view from Mont Royal – hard to believe that the day before it was storming, isn't it?

I went to Pittsburgh mainly to visit my two online friends Rhonda and Missy – but I really liked it there. This is the Point, where two rivers with terribly complicated names (the Monongahela and the Allegheny, thanks to Susie !) flow together into the Ohio (I think).

These are me and my friends, in front of a club – we had a really good time together!

The next stop was Washington D.C. – a lot of American history and politics to be seen there…

I did all my sightseeing (here Arlington Cemetery) there together with two Australians (Luke and Adam) and a kangoroo named Diesel. *g*

I'd been looking forward to a visit in the Air and Space museum of the Smithonian Institute – but these handsome coast guards were an unexpected bonus! 😉

To New York City I traveled with another Aussie, Willa – and the first thing we did was the Staten Island ferry, which gives you a phenomenal view over Manhattan's skyline and the Statue of Liberty. And all for free! 😉

I met a lot of people at the hostel there – and Adam (the one with the kangoroo *g*) and Luke were there, too. It was fun, believe me! LOL

The mandatory visit to the Empire State Building – Cam (Zimbabwe), Adam, me, and Willa, enjoying the sunset.

On the day Sibylle came over from Switzerland Willa and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge – another opportunity to see the skyline…

Sibylle and I were rained on on Wallstreet…

Of course we also spent time in NYC's green lung, the famous Central Park. Very beautiful – but believe me, after 10 days, I had enough of the city!

We stayed with Sibylle's former host parents in North Carolina for a bit, then we traveled down to Florida, where we discovered beautiful Clearwater Beach.

We saw gorgeous sunsets like this every day – simply breathtaking! Not something one gets used to…

We did a canoe trip in the Everglades. The hostel there kicks ass – it's the best I've ever stayed in, mostly thanks to the staff. We had a great day there and would have loved to stay longer.

Graham sent me this pic: Tim and Miranda from Holland, Graham, me, and Sibylle – and you don't even see that we were eaten alive by moskitos… *g*

Our last stop was Miami Beach, but we also spent a night in Key West, the Southern most point of the US, really close to Cuba. I don't have any pictures scanned from there, because unfortunately the scanner decided to stop working, so the pic from our last sunset in the US is the last…

Two weeks ago I went skiing with my family – we went to Pontresina in Graubünden, one of the most beautiful parts of the Swiss alps. The skiing was fun and the mountains were gorgeous…

The view from our hotel room – complete with Swiss flag. 😉

The view over the Engadin valley from Muotas Muragl (a word from the local language, an ancient tongue related to Latin) – to our feet the posh St. Moritz.

My parents didn't ski but went for walks, and one day my brother Michael and I went with them, into the valley of Rosegg. Breathtaking – but exhausting… *g*

Okay, that's it for the moment – next week Sibylle and I'll go to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt for a week of sun and beach. Can't wait to escape the cold!

Take care, everyone!

Vienna, Streetparade, and Märrie's Visit

Before leaving for my trip I thought I'd update here – with the new pics from the trip to the family gathering in Austria and the following day in Vienna with my brother, from one of the high points of each year, the big open air rave in Zurich, and from the visit of one of my best friends, Märrie from Bonn.

August 5: Vienna

My brother Michael in front of the national library, with some of the famous 'fiakers', the horse drawn carriages for tourists.

The 'Stephansdom' (cathedral) mirrored…

Me at the river Donau (Danube?) – taking a break from all the sightseeing.

August 10: Streetparade

Four girlies having fun in the rain… (Sibylle, Taptim, Helena and I)

We were attractions! *g* (Sibylle, Matthias, Martin, Taptim and I)

Trying hard to keep warm… LOL I'm pretty proud of the skirt – I made it myself!

August 11-17: visit from online friend Märrie

Märrie in the garden of Basel's 'Münster' (cathedral)…

… and in the staircase of the Münster tower.

Us at one of my favorite places in Basel – the Rhine.

With Sibylle at the national exhibition 'Expo'. In the background you can see an artificial cloud.

And here are Märrie and Sibylle inside that cloud.

A rather 'artistic' pic Sibylle took of Märrie and me.

I'll add pictures of vacations and trips I've done over the years – but I'll backdate them, so they're in chronological order. If you're interested in pics of America, Namibia or other travels you have to scroll down in this journal…

Some pics from London

I've scanned some of the pics I took – not a lot of tourist sights, as we did them in 98 and didn't bother taking the same pics yet again…. Sibylle has also taken some, which are not yet developped, but I thought I'd go ahead and post some of mine anyway.

Me in the British Museum – I love all things Egyptian, so this was heaven!

After the England-Denmark match the whole city was celebrating and singing “Football's coming home…” – here on Trafalgar Square. Well, thanks to Brazil it didn't exactly turn out that way.

Feeding animals was very big on our todo list – we came to St.James's park not mainly to see the Changing of the Guard, Buckingham palace or the Queen at a parade, but to handfeed squirrels and birds. Sibylle did take pics at that parade – I'll post them as soon as I have them, promised! *g*

On the Portobello Road Market we found some really nice tops – and it's a very pretty part of London as well.

Well, this last pic (for now) was not taken in London but right after our return to Basel, when we realized that we don't have a single pic of the two of us together. We came from maximum 25°C in London to almost 40°C – and promptly went to our favorite place in summer: our local open air pool.

That's it for the moment – the next planned trip is a weekend in Austria, a big family meeting, to which I'm not exactly looking forward…

London report

Well, I'm back home again after five great days in London. Not everything went the way we planned or imagined it, but all in all we had a good time!

One thing first – London is incredibly expensive! Suddenly Switzerland doesn't seem all that bad… *g*

We spent a lot of time walking around, seeing sights (though most of them not from the inside because they want horrendous entrance fees) and strolling over various markets like the Covent I didn't buy a lot – just two tops (which are both very special!) and some really cute panties. Enjoyed seeing all the 70ies stuff and some of the tourist merchandise is really funny.

All that walking around was terribly exhausting – I had completely forgotten how hard the tourist thing is on your feet… So we ended up only going out twice and just once to a club (again – the money…). But we did watch the England – Netherlands game in a pub, which was a blast!
Before that we even got to see the Queen and Prince Andrew and William at a parade – really impressive, all those wonderfully archaic uniforms and beautiful horses!

A couple of times we went to St. James's Park (right at Buckingham Palace) to fed the birds and squirrels – they are so tame, they eat right out of one's hand! It was such a great experience – specially the squirrels!

Our sleeping arrangements turned out good, too – we stayed at Juliette's (Sibylle's boyfriend's cousin) place a bit outside of the city only the first and the last night, the other three nights we had the appartment of a friend of Juliette's for ourselves. That was perfect – in the West of the city with the tube and a super market nearby. Sibylle and I were almost overwhelmed by Juliette's and her friend's (whom we didn't even meet!) generosity – we were incredibly lucky!

We didn't meet Rolly at all – we text messaged back and forth and I called him once, but it simply didn't work out. Oh well, maybe next time… Same thing was with Jan, but we didn't get bored anyway.

On Sunday (after a very short night!), our last real day in London, Sibylle was a bit sick so we didn't do a lot. We went to the London Dungeons (yuck, torture and murder – gruesome stuff!) and then to Juliette instead of doing some more sightseeing. But since we'd been to London already four years ago it wasn't so bad and we enjoyed watching TV shows in English – I even caught the end of an “Enterprise” episode!

Well, that was probably about it – I'll scan some pictures as soon as I have them developped…

Namibia, Fall 2001

Here's the email I sent out after returning home from three absolutely amazing weeks in Namibia:

Hi guys!

I've been back from my annual big trip (this year to Namibia, in case someone didn't know…) for a week now, so it's probably time for answering all your lovely emails or just let you know how the trip was!

I've never before sent a group email, but since I'd like to share some of the pics my friend Sandra and me took I hope you don't mind – just this once… ;o) I have to send the pictures in two mails, they seem to be too big for hotmail – if you get them twice I'm sorry!

I hope everyone is okay, wherever he or she is at the moment! Let me know how you're doing!

Oh, in case I haven't told you yet – there were problems with my luggage (to be exact: with the absence of it), so I spent two of the three weeks without it – but I'll spare you the gory details of “the tragic epic of the lost luggage and the incapable airline staff”… ;o)
I'll just go through the pics quickly to show you how much fun and how many special experiences I had:
The first leg of the journey (to the north) our group was small, only four of us (Sandra, me and a couple from Germany, Martin and Alexandra) and the guide Bossie.

The very first night on tour we spent at a cheetah farm where we could watch them feed and even touch one of them – it was absolutely amazing! The guy beside me on the picture is Marco, the owner of the farm.

That was for me one of the absolute high points – we visited a Himba kral! The visit itself was a bit awkward (like going to a zoo..) but the Himba obviously liked us (specially the children), because they came to our campsite in the evening and despite our inability to communicate we had lots of fun! They even danced for us – and almost died laughing when Martin joined them!

After one week we returned to Windhoek, the capital, where we got a new guide and five more travelling companions. We set out to explore the south.

Supposedly the second biggest canyon in the world (after the Grand Canyon) – very impressive!

We spent two nights at the feet of the Klein Aus mountains. Most of us went for a small hike and were rewarded with an awesome view over the desert – but I think you guys are more interested in pics with people in them… ;o)
The people are: Bernd (Germany), my friend Sandra, Mike (USA), Tal (Israel), Helene and Christoph (Germany) and our guide Eckhard (Namibia, but German speaking). Not on the hike were Alexandra and Martin (Germany). So you see, except for Tal and Mike we all spoke German, which was a bit annoying for them – wasn't it, Tal? ;o)

The famous dunes of Sossusvlei were of course another high point. I loved it there – even if climbing the high sand dunes was damn hard work, but watching the sunset from dune 45 was defintely worth it! Also loads of fun was running down the side of the dune in a chain, almost falling because it got so fast… Btw, the two blond heads in the back of the group pic belong to Martin and Alexandra.

In Swakopmund our group changed once more – Bernd, Helene and Christoph left us and Rose (South Africa) and Martin (England) joined us for the trip to the North, specially the national park Etosha.

We had a morning in Swakop and used that for shopping. I was very happy, because I had finally gotten my backpack back! Btw, it's a miracle I have pictures of Tal smiling – she normally hid her face whenever someone tried to take one of her. (Yes, Martin?) ;o)

In Etosha we were really lucky and saw tons of animals – zebra, oryx, kudu, giraf, rhinos, lions (from afar) etc. But the best part for me were the elephants! The wonderful sunset pic was taken on the first evening there and I thought it couldn't get any better – but the next day we saw about four or five herds of those impressive animals! One even crossed the road right in front of our car – I was deliriously happy!

The last day in Etosha it was raining – probably so Sandra and I wouldn't miss Namibia so much when we came back home… ;o) Didn't work of course!
Sandra and I wanted to finish our films, so we started taking lots of people pics. Btw, Mike is hugging the Kleenex because he was sitting right under a leak… ;o)

The safari was supposedly “on participation basis”, which only meant that we put our tents up and broke them down and helped with the dishes… Here's the proof! :o)

On the very last day of the tour most of us went and hiked up Waterberg plateau. Luckily the weather cleared and it was really nice. (Mike, Tal, Eckhard, me, Rose, Martin)

no comment… You were one lucky guy, weren't you – hubby?! ;o)

Our farewell dinner back in Windhoek. I apologize for ruining the pic! ;o) I was tempted to keep it for myself, but since everyone except for me is smiling so nicely… We all ate Namibian game – I had Kudu, which has a very… interesting flavour… (me -urgh!-, Sandra, Mike, Tal, Martin)

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my rambling about my trip and are nice and jealous now… ;o) Of course except those of you still travelling – I WANT, TOO!!!! ;o)

Bye for now – hope to hear from you soon!

Love / Liebe Grüsse,

PS. Tal – where are you now? How was the beach? Have you met lots of people? (But you still miss me, don't you? ;o) ) I'll write some things in German now – no offense, they're really not important! :o)

Sandra – klar bin i au im Oktober drbi! I bi jetzt dihei bis d'Uni afoht und usser ere Wiisheitszahnbehandlig (aua, will nit!) stoht nüt Grössers uf em Programm! I bi an dr Judith ihrem Empfang gsi – sie het usgseh wie e Prinzässin, sooo schön!

Martin – so you travelled Namibia on your own… Want, too!!!! Btw, the weather here is beautiful! *Sings “nananananaaa” in a very childish voice…* ;o)

Kathrin – gefällt Dir das Studium? Dich hat's also ganz in den Norden verschlagen… Hoffe, bald mal wieder von Dir zu hören!

Roman – wie isch d'Priefig gloffe, hesch s'Resultat scho? Du gohsch also ins Wälschland – i bi beidruckt! Hoffetlig sehn mir uns vorhär mol no!

Debbie – thanks for your wonderful email! You're right, we all should tell people how much they mean to us!

Karin – hesch Di no bitz meh igläbt? Was für e Erfahrig, mol nit als Tourist in e fremds Land go, sondern zum dött läbe!

Mike – where are you now? In Paris? It's a wonderful city, isn't it? Hope to hear from you soon! And remember – Basel is only 4 hours by train from Paris… “Mach's gut!”

Daniel – ha ghört, Du bisch jetzt in Paris. WOW, so cool – möcht au!!! Bisch au schön am Franzi rede? ;o)

David – was machst Du im Moment so? Arbeiten? Lass mich wissen, was bei Dir so läuft! Hab gestern Dein Geburtstagsgeschenk abgeschickt – hoffe, es gefällt Dir! Falls Du mal Lust auf eine Reise in die Schweiz hast… ;o)

Everyone else – even if I have nothing much to say, I think of you, wherever you are!

America, August – December 1999

My four months in Canada and the US were just about the best time of my life so far – being on the road on my own really helped grow and become more comfortable with myself. Even after almost three years it's all still very vivid in my mind – which is why I still talk about it a lot… *g*

I won't go into too many details here – that would take hours… Just let me say that I started out in Vancouver and crossed Canada over to Niagara Falls. Then I went over Chicago and crossed the Midwest (Kansas City, MO, to be exact), stopped in Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon and in Las Vegas, then went to California and traveled up from San Diego until Yosemite.

I spent a lot of the time staying with relatives of my mother that I didn't know and with friends that I also didn't know very well and had a lot of good experiences – also when I was completely on my own. I'm still in touch with a couple of people I met in hostels – mostly with Denise from New Zealand. She and her boyfriend let me ride with them from Santa Cruz to San Francisco and then up to Yosemite – and I definitely hope to visit them and their little daughter one day!

But since they say 'A picture says more than a thousand words' – here's a small selection of the 15 or more rolls of film I took in those four months:

Banff – the Rockies felt a bit like Switzerland, truth be told… So it was just perfect for me, since I was still getting used to traveling.

Invermere, on Lake Windermere – stayed with relatives there. This is one of my fave pics of myself – I spent a lot of time like that, just relaxing somewhere beautiful…

Well, this is obviously Niagara Falls – I really enjoyed the ride on the 'Maid of the Mist' and the falls just took my breath away! I think I took about two rolls of film there…

“Love and marriage…” *g* Well, I definitely enjoyed Chicago – stayed with a friend who'd done an exchange year in Switzerland for two weeks. Her family was really nice, took me in and treated me incredibly well!

That was one of the highlights – Jane had arranged a 'date' for me to go to the Homecoming Dance… Jason was doing me a favor, but he still did it right, opened car doors, paid dinner and insisted on dancing with me a couple of times (instead of with his friends) – a real gentleman!
I was all the more impressed because the day I'd spent at the high school had left me prejudiced about American school boys (think 'American Pie' and you have a picture about my day there)… *g*
The dress I bought in Canada, btw – and spent only 60 Canadian dollars, as opposed to the 200 American bucks or so the other girls all seemed to have spent… LOL

Jane and her the boyfriend Eric with me at the Brookville zoo – one of the few times I actually spent time with Jane, who was incredibly busy with school and all…

Around Halloween (obviously… *g*) I spent a couple of weeks in Liberty, MO, with a college professor and his wife – they really went through a lot of trouble to make me feel at home and keep me entertained! The excursion to the pumpkin patch was just one of many, many things we did when Ken and/or Phyllis had time…

The visit at a local open air museum (where they had rebuilt historic buildings into a village) was another thing we did. I really really loved my stay with Ken and Phyllis – despite the fact that there was not a lot for me to do on my own in Liberty I had an absolutely wonderful time there! For example I sat in on a couple of Ken's English Lit classes and discussed 'Utopia' (after reading it as a kind of voluntary homework – how did that happen? LOL).

Flagstaff was not just great because I got to see the Grand Canyon – it was also definitely the 'funnest' hostel, because through group activities (trips to the Grand Canyon and Sedona) I grew close to several great people. With the guy on the right (Simon, an Austrian) I then even traveled on to a place I hadn't really planned on going to…

Las Vegas. Aka 'Disney World for grown-ups'. Definitely another highlight! Simon got sick, but I had luckily met David, a Canadian, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly – without spending a buck for gambling! Well, I was still very, very underage then – but we had a lot of fun in the children's section of the Excalibur! I still have the dog David won for me – and I won one as well and gave it to poor poor Simon… LOL

The hostel was Vegas-style as well – it even had a jacuzzi as you can see! The guy on the left is David, the one in the back Simon – the others were from Sweden and I've forgotten their names. LOL

In San Diego I visited my former class mate Claudia (the one in the back with the blonde curls) and we had a great time together, enjoying California – and spending a Saturday night in Tijuana, Mexico… (Claudia, ??, Jessie, ??, Merlin, Jessie's mom, me and Sarah)

The obligatory L.A. pic… Took a tour from the hostel – was not overly impressed by the city, although the posh parts were sure fun… It's just too big for my taste.

I could hardly believe myself – it was Thanksgiving and I was sitting at the sea and watched the crazy folk at Venice Beach…

Pigeon Point. If I'd still been travelling by bus I'd never seen this beautiful place (and the hostel was right beside it – with a jacuzzi on the cliff…) – but thanks to Denise and Ross from New Zealand I had the chance to stay a night there…

In Frisco I stayed with relatives in San Mateo. This is the city I liked best – it has a really great atmosphere and I enjoyed it a lot!

To soak up the incredible nature America has to offer I spent a couple of days in Yosemite – Denise and Ross took me. It was quite cold at night and in the morning – but also breathtakingly beautiful and walked around for hours…

After that I spent some more time in San Fransisco – then it was over and I spent Christmas at home again… It felt strange but also good to be home – but it's definitely made me addicted to that kind of travel… The trip down the East Coast in September (2002) is definitely something I need! *g*

Interrail, Summer 1998

With seventeen me and Sibylle went up to Britain and all around the island by train – and in a tiny tent, despite the mostly very cold and rainy weather…

Home, sweet tent… on a day when the weather was decent for a change! *g* (The weird shape comes from this pic being a part of a huge collage Sibylle made me.)

Amsterdam – a really beautiful city and I'd love to go there again one day! (And no, we didn't buy any grass in one of the coffee shops… LOL)

I loved Cambridge – it's a dream of mine to study there one day…

Edinburgh was great – but incredibly cold, even in July… We left it after only one night of freezing in our tent! But I'd love to go back one day…

The coast of Cumbria – the train follows the coast line, it's a very very beautiful part of the country!

Naturally we had to go to Stonehenge – very fascinating place, but also very crowded… (Don't know how I managed to take a picture with no people in it!)

Naturally we also spent some days in London – didn't have any money, had fun anyway… (Btw, this is on the bridge next to the House of Parliament.)

Crete, Summer 1997

When I was sixteen we went on our last 'big' family vacation – ever since then it's never been more than a week. But those two weeks were really special, since I hadn't been at the Mediterranian Sea before at all – and now we went to Crete!

How I love the sea… This was taken by my mom in Falasarna – a very remote beach with no hotels, you had to drive there. It was very, very beautiful!

Being the big fan of all things antique (in the archeological sense) I naturally died to see Knossos…

Family picture – my dad, my brother Michael, me and my mom after a delicious Greek dinner. Wasn't I cute with 16? *g*