Vienna, Streetparade, and Märrie's Visit

Before leaving for my trip I thought I'd update here – with the new pics from the trip to the family gathering in Austria and the following day in Vienna with my brother, from one of the high points of each year, the big open air rave in Zurich, and from the visit of one of my best friends, Märrie from Bonn.

August 5: Vienna

My brother Michael in front of the national library, with some of the famous 'fiakers', the horse drawn carriages for tourists.

The 'Stephansdom' (cathedral) mirrored…

Me at the river Donau (Danube?) – taking a break from all the sightseeing.

August 10: Streetparade

Four girlies having fun in the rain… (Sibylle, Taptim, Helena and I)

We were attractions! *g* (Sibylle, Matthias, Martin, Taptim and I)

Trying hard to keep warm… LOL I'm pretty proud of the skirt – I made it myself!

August 11-17: visit from online friend Märrie

Märrie in the garden of Basel's 'Münster' (cathedral)…

… and in the staircase of the Münster tower.

Us at one of my favorite places in Basel – the Rhine.

With Sibylle at the national exhibition 'Expo'. In the background you can see an artificial cloud.

And here are Märrie and Sibylle inside that cloud.

A rather 'artistic' pic Sibylle took of Märrie and me.

I'll add pictures of vacations and trips I've done over the years – but I'll backdate them, so they're in chronological order. If you're interested in pics of America, Namibia or other travels you have to scroll down in this journal…