London report

Well, I'm back home again after five great days in London. Not everything went the way we planned or imagined it, but all in all we had a good time!

One thing first – London is incredibly expensive! Suddenly Switzerland doesn't seem all that bad… *g*

We spent a lot of time walking around, seeing sights (though most of them not from the inside because they want horrendous entrance fees) and strolling over various markets like the Covent I didn't buy a lot – just two tops (which are both very special!) and some really cute panties. Enjoyed seeing all the 70ies stuff and some of the tourist merchandise is really funny.

All that walking around was terribly exhausting – I had completely forgotten how hard the tourist thing is on your feet… So we ended up only going out twice and just once to a club (again – the money…). But we did watch the England – Netherlands game in a pub, which was a blast!
Before that we even got to see the Queen and Prince Andrew and William at a parade – really impressive, all those wonderfully archaic uniforms and beautiful horses!

A couple of times we went to St. James's Park (right at Buckingham Palace) to fed the birds and squirrels – they are so tame, they eat right out of one's hand! It was such a great experience – specially the squirrels!

Our sleeping arrangements turned out good, too – we stayed at Juliette's (Sibylle's boyfriend's cousin) place a bit outside of the city only the first and the last night, the other three nights we had the appartment of a friend of Juliette's for ourselves. That was perfect – in the West of the city with the tube and a super market nearby. Sibylle and I were almost overwhelmed by Juliette's and her friend's (whom we didn't even meet!) generosity – we were incredibly lucky!

We didn't meet Rolly at all – we text messaged back and forth and I called him once, but it simply didn't work out. Oh well, maybe next time… Same thing was with Jan, but we didn't get bored anyway.

On Sunday (after a very short night!), our last real day in London, Sibylle was a bit sick so we didn't do a lot. We went to the London Dungeons (yuck, torture and murder – gruesome stuff!) and then to Juliette instead of doing some more sightseeing. But since we'd been to London already four years ago it wasn't so bad and we enjoyed watching TV shows in English – I even caught the end of an “Enterprise” episode!

Well, that was probably about it – I'll scan some pictures as soon as I have them developped…