April 03: M‰rrie's visit in Basel

Märrie just sent me some pictures from her visit with me at the beginning of April. She could only stay about four days, but we had a lot of fun during those.

A funny fountain very close to where I live – it's quite tricky to aim the water right into the fat guy's mouth! *g*

We made a trip to beautiful Lucerne and took a boat over the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) to the Swiss traffic museum.

One of the exhibits there is a gigantic aerial view of Switzerland – it's so accurate, I even found our house!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos and therefore Märrie is nowhere to be seen… But she was there, I assure you! 🙂

Itinerary the second

Here's what Sibylle and I have planned for the second half of my trip… Unfortunately the visit with Deb won't work out – such a pity, but it can't be helped, she's got visitors coming already. *sniff*
Hopefully we'll manage to meet another time!

The first part of the itinerary is here – Sibylle and I meet up in NYC on September 24 and stay there for a week. That should give us plenty of time to explore some of the many many sights of that city and enjoy the nightlife…

On Oct 1 we'll head South to North Carolina (overnight on a bus – cool! Not. *g*), to Cary to be exact, which is right outside of Raleigh. This is where Sibylle spent an exchange semester some years ago and she's looking forward to meeting her host family and some of her teachers again.

Around Oct 5 we'll then head for Florida (instead of Alabama *sniff*), go see Gainesville (to check out the UF – I'd like to spend a semester there in 2004), then go someplace warm and sunny for some relaxation on the beach. Maybe Key West, or Tampa – it's not so easy to find somewhere beatiful that's reachable by Greyhound and has cheap accomodation.

The last few days we'll be in Miami at the beach and in the clubs, going to see the Everglades (a dream of mine) and maybe spend a day at the beach of Ft. Lauderdale.

And on Oct 13 our plane leaves – back home to prepare for a test only one week later…

This is probably my last entry done from home – stay tuned for news from Boston! (The day after tomorrow – can't believe it!)

Now I need to get busy – still got loads of stuff to do…

Trip update

Thought that it was high time that I fill you in on the latest developments in my travel plans…

There are not even two weeks left until my plane leaves for Boston and just this morning I put together an itinerary for the first three weeks. After that I'll meet up with Sibylle in NYC and we'll travel on Southwards together…

– Sept 4-8: Boston. The hostel is already reserved and I'm looking incredibly forward to seeing that supposedly so beautiful city!

– Sept 8-11: Provincetown, Cape Cod. Some nature is absolutely essential – even if it means having to buy an extra bus ticket because Greyhound doesn't go there…

– Sept 11-14: Montréal. Already wanted to go there the last time, now it finally works out! Looks as if I'll spend 9/11 on the bus – suits me just fine, truth be told!

– Sept 15-18: Pittsburgh, PA. Visiting Rhonda and Missy – that's even worth the 19 hours bus ride! 😉

– Sept 18-21: Washington, DC. An absolute must naturally – and if I get the chance to meet up with Mike and maybe Nik (who I haven't asked yet… *g*) I might just stay longer and skip the next thing on the list:

– Sept 21-23: Philadelphia. If it works out it's cool – if not I'll live… And it annoys me to no end that the hostel there does not accept credit cards – I don't want to send them a traveller's cheque by mail!

– Sept 23-Oct 1: New York City. Sibylle arrives on Sept 24 and we'll take a week to see the sights and enjoy the life of the 'Big Apple'…

After that we'll probably head to Cary, NC to visit Sibylle's former host family, then down South to see Deb (yay!) before heading to Florida to catch some sun before going back on Oct 14…
Those six weeks will be over way too fast, I already see that coming! *sniff*

But it's going to be a whole lot of fun and I can't wait! There's a ton of stuff I should do – 13 days left and counting… lol

I'm as good as gone!

We have to get up at 4.30 tomorrow morning – argh!
Anyway, we'll be staying neither at Rolly's nor Jan's place but with Sibylle's boyfriend's cousin… A woman who doesn't know us but who's ready to take us in with only 24 hours notice! I already like her! *g*

We'll put our luggage into storage for the day tomorrow and go do some exploring. In the evening we'll probably go to the movies with Julia (our hostess) – and after that we'll just see…

But 4.30 – that's just inhuman! lol

Take care – I'll tell you what happened when I'm back!


Why can my London trip not simply go the way I want it to? Finally managed to reach Rolly (via email) and found out that he's now expecting people on Thursday. Which of course makes things a lot more complicated for us – now we have to try get a hold of Jan, a German guy living in London.
It's less than 36 hours until we're in London and we still don't know where we'll sleep… And we had to confirm our tickets today – they're booked and paid for. So we *have* to go – and we will, and it will be great! I command it! lol
Seriously, I'm optimistic (one of my flaws I guess *g*) that everything will turn out okay in the end. I'll keep you posted!

London update

Sibylle's and my planned trip to London might finally work out! Unfortunately Rolly (guy I met in Namibia) is expecting visitors on Monday, June 17, so that we have to leave already next Wednesday instead of Friday. That makes finding a reasonably priced flight difficult – it's too late for EasyJet, so we have to hope to get a youth discount. But if we don't go now it won't be possible until fall, after my America trip – and we've both been wanting to go for months now!

Therefore, if Rolly is okay with us coming directly before his other visitors next weekend will find us in London – partying and shopping and just generally having a good time! I'd love to meet Martin (from Namibia) again, Sibylle has a friend there, too, and Antoinette (friend of a friend) lives in London as well – so we certainly won't get bored! *g*

Slight change in plans

Seems as if I won't be on my own for the whole six weeks, instead for only half the time. I thought that was a back up plan if Sibylle doesn't find anyone else, but yesterday it sounded like a plan to me.
Okay, actually looking forward to it – although it means that I have to go everywhere she has already been in only three weeks. I think I'll have to cut back on my visiting plans.
But shit, we're going to have fun! Specially in New York and then in Florida – we'll go clubbing like crazy! *g*
I'd absolutely *love* to visit Deb in Florida – that'd be awesome! I don't know exactly where she lives, but hopefully somewhere close to a beach… Now I only have to ask her if she's okay with that – she's going to have a baby and if it's too much for her we'll just stop by one day.

Gosh, can't wait for September! Specially since Rolly still hasn't answered my mail because of my planned trip to London, so that might not work out…

Update to my itinerary

Okay, this is not really majorly important – but I feel like babbling and no one is online so that I have to babble here… *g*

Anyway, added Cape Cod to my inner itinerary – gotta have some nature between all those cities! And it's supposed to be really beautiful – only problem is that a lot of places seem to close in September. There's this city, Princetown (or something like that) – I don't *really* want to stay there, but I will if necessary. Might have a good time there – although most bars are supposed to be gay, so no men for me… lol
Perhaps I'll do a day trip to Martha's Vineyard, supposedly one of the most beautiful spots of New England – and I'll certainly hike along the coast at least a couple of hours, the way I did in Banff, just following my nose and seeing where it gets me.

Okay, now I'm off daydreaming about sitting in the dunes, reading a book and listening to the ocean… Have I told you already how much I love the sea? *dreamy smile*

Because I feel like it!

Nothing new has happened but I already began to write this last night when my laptop once more crashed on me – and I refuse to let this spoil my fun!
Because it *is* fun to imagine where I'll go, who I'll meet – so here's my itinerary, not necessarily set in stone and in almost random order:

– Boston: You already know that one from my earlier entry. Besides, I'd like to see something of the seaside North of the city – I'm all about the sea! (Switzerland doesn't have any – one of the few things I really miss here.)

– Montreal: Didn't go to Quebec last time in Canada and I've heard good things about that city. Also my mom will probably be ecstatic that I'll have opportunity to practice my French. Do you think they speak English as well up there? *g*

– Toronto: Maybe. Because I didn't see a lot of the city last time and because Jules lives there and could show me around.
If I have too much time on my hands (as if!) I might go deeper into Ontario and visit Martha and Andy because staying with them was wonderful!

– New York: Duh, as if I could visit the East Coast without going to the Big Apple! Christine lives somewhere around there – perhaps she could show me something of the nightlife. (Note: Biggest drawback of travelling alone as a woman is not being able to go out at night – except of course if one is feeling suicidal… *g*)

– Washington DC: Another tourist must-see. In my case specially the Smithsonian! Plus, it'd be cool to see Nik, who works there – *if* he has the time…

– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: To see Rhonda and Missy – isn't that reason enough? 😉

– Wherever Mike will live then: If he hasn't gone back to Africa by then I'd love to make good on the promise I made in Namibia and go see him!

– Las Vegas: Yes, I'm aware that it's not exactly on the East Coast – but it's just two days by bus and I had a lot of fun there last time! I could go see Jack and perhaps explore a bit more of the desert. And this time I'd even be old enough to go everywhere! *g*

– Gainesville, FL: Check out the university there and give them my application for an exchange semester. Doing that in person might help my chances.

– a beach somewhere in Florida: It'd be really cool to just chill for some days, enjoy the sea and the sun…

– Everglades: I've always wanted to see them – and seeing that this trip will be heavy on the cities it'll be good to get out for a while.

– Miami: Well, my plane leaves from there, so I'll probably stay a couple of days. Perhaps I'll meet up with Sibylle and whoever she'll be travelling with – we leave almost at the same time for Switzerland, so that'd be really cool! (Nightlife, nightlife… *g*)

That's what's in my head so far – and I haven't even begun to search my guide book for other cool places yet! Oh my, six weeks are just not long enough…
But it's so wonderful to imagine everything – draws out the pleasure of travelling for months!

A step closer

Went online and made reservations at the Bosten youth hostel. Only four nights, because the thing is insanely expensive (sorry, but 30$ for a HOSTEL?!) – but after what happened in Vancouver last time I really don't feel like experimenting with the first accomodation of the trip! It takes some time to get used to being on the road on my own – and I don't want to spend that time in a hole in the wall, thank you very much.

Also checked out what my guide (Let's Go USA/Canada 99) said about Gainesville (where it's entirely possible that I'll spend a semester in fall 03) – and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be such a hick town like most towns my uni has exchange agreements with – but it sounds like a really nice college town, just what I'm looking for. So perhaps it won't be so bad if after Cambridge (the one in the UK, incredibly expensive!) Boston also wouldn't work out…

Also I'll probably meet a couple of online friends in Pittsburgh – yay! Rhonda and Missy – watch out, girls! *g*