Because I feel like it!

Nothing new has happened but I already began to write this last night when my laptop once more crashed on me – and I refuse to let this spoil my fun!
Because it *is* fun to imagine where I'll go, who I'll meet – so here's my itinerary, not necessarily set in stone and in almost random order:

– Boston: You already know that one from my earlier entry. Besides, I'd like to see something of the seaside North of the city – I'm all about the sea! (Switzerland doesn't have any – one of the few things I really miss here.)

– Montreal: Didn't go to Quebec last time in Canada and I've heard good things about that city. Also my mom will probably be ecstatic that I'll have opportunity to practice my French. Do you think they speak English as well up there? *g*

– Toronto: Maybe. Because I didn't see a lot of the city last time and because Jules lives there and could show me around.
If I have too much time on my hands (as if!) I might go deeper into Ontario and visit Martha and Andy because staying with them was wonderful!

– New York: Duh, as if I could visit the East Coast without going to the Big Apple! Christine lives somewhere around there – perhaps she could show me something of the nightlife. (Note: Biggest drawback of travelling alone as a woman is not being able to go out at night – except of course if one is feeling suicidal… *g*)

– Washington DC: Another tourist must-see. In my case specially the Smithsonian! Plus, it'd be cool to see Nik, who works there – *if* he has the time…

– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: To see Rhonda and Missy – isn't that reason enough? 😉

– Wherever Mike will live then: If he hasn't gone back to Africa by then I'd love to make good on the promise I made in Namibia and go see him!

– Las Vegas: Yes, I'm aware that it's not exactly on the East Coast – but it's just two days by bus and I had a lot of fun there last time! I could go see Jack and perhaps explore a bit more of the desert. And this time I'd even be old enough to go everywhere! *g*

– Gainesville, FL: Check out the university there and give them my application for an exchange semester. Doing that in person might help my chances.

– a beach somewhere in Florida: It'd be really cool to just chill for some days, enjoy the sea and the sun…

– Everglades: I've always wanted to see them – and seeing that this trip will be heavy on the cities it'll be good to get out for a while.

– Miami: Well, my plane leaves from there, so I'll probably stay a couple of days. Perhaps I'll meet up with Sibylle and whoever she'll be travelling with – we leave almost at the same time for Switzerland, so that'd be really cool! (Nightlife, nightlife… *g*)

That's what's in my head so far – and I haven't even begun to search my guide book for other cool places yet! Oh my, six weeks are just not long enough…
But it's so wonderful to imagine everything – draws out the pleasure of travelling for months!