London update

Sibylle's and my planned trip to London might finally work out! Unfortunately Rolly (guy I met in Namibia) is expecting visitors on Monday, June 17, so that we have to leave already next Wednesday instead of Friday. That makes finding a reasonably priced flight difficult – it's too late for EasyJet, so we have to hope to get a youth discount. But if we don't go now it won't be possible until fall, after my America trip – and we've both been wanting to go for months now!

Therefore, if Rolly is okay with us coming directly before his other visitors next weekend will find us in London – partying and shopping and just generally having a good time! I'd love to meet Martin (from Namibia) again, Sibylle has a friend there, too, and Antoinette (friend of a friend) lives in London as well – so we certainly won't get bored! *g*