Adelaide – Alice Springs

The journey on the Ghan was just as I’d expected – the 25 hours passed quickly and the only not-so-great thing was that I didn’t have two seats to myself and it got quite cold at night. Trains are just so much more suited to long distance trips than buses or planes, I’m looking quite forward to the trip from Alice Springs to Darwin!

Anyway, I’m now in the red centre of Australia. The train crossed miles and miles of nothing but red sand and shrubs, and the country around Alice Springs is just how one imagines Australia to be – including kangaroos and other wildlife right at your doorstep. This I learned today when I did some nice bush walks in the area, because the tour I’d booked was full and so I’m leaving tomorrow and will get back to Alice only with enough time to grab my bags at the hostel and go to the train station instead of spending another night and most of the day here on Monday. At first I was quite annoyed, but it’s hard to be in a bad mood when the sun is shining brightly and it’s warm enough to walk around in sandals and a t-shirt (although the wind is quite cold and nights are icy).

Adelaide - Alice Springs Alice Springs Alice Springs Alice Springs Alice Springs

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