Quiet days in Adelaide

It’s not a very impressive city, not in the way that makes me take a lot of photos at least, but me and Lauren had a good time here nevertheless. Sunday night we went out to dinner with Mike and Lulu from the tour, because they both left on another tour to Alice Springs early the next morning. Monday we went to a shopping mall to buy some gloves and hats for the cold desert nights around Uluru and then checked out the pretty little seaside town of Glenelg.

I also had to organize my trip down the west coast, which proved much more difficult than expected because Greyhound runs only irregularly, much to my dismay. I’ll have to spend a couple of nights on the bus and only managed to fit in two stops (3 nights each, in Broome and Monkey Mia respectively). But at least those two stops I’m really looking forward to.

Tuesday we wanted to go to a Wildlife Park, but the weather was less than ideal, so we checked out the Central Market instead and then visited the historical Ayers Mansion, which was very interesting. In the evening we went to see the new Batman movie in the theatre – Lauren loathed it, I quite enjoyed it, and we both thought Heath Ledger was brilliant in his last role. Afterwards goodbye drinks at a pub, and early this morning Lauren left on another Oz Experience tour to Alice Springs. I’ll hopefully be meeting her and a couple of others when I’m up in Darwin.

This morning I’m packing my things for the 25 hours on the Ghan train to Alice Springs, which I’m quite looking forward to. As always, all photos can be found here on Flickr.

Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide