Music: A Year in New Zealand

Spending the week saying goodbye is not fun, so I decided to cheer myself up by making a playlist to commemorate my time here. It’s a mix of kiwi artists (*), songs I listened to while here and/or that I found appropriate. Enjoy! 🙂

A Year in New Zealand

1. Elemeno P* – Baby Come On:
2. Discovery Channel – Boom de Yada:
3. Howard Shore – The Shire (Lord of the Rings):
4. Bic Runga* – Precious Things:
5. Opshop* – One Day:
6. XTC – Stupidly Happy:
7. Rhombus* – Scorching Bay:
8. Koop – Come to Me:
9. Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life:
10. Empires – Anywhere:
11. Fire Flies – Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods:
12. Anika Moa* – Good In My Head:
13. Jason Mraz – Live High:
14. The Hush Sound – Medicine Man:
15. Panic at the Disco – Northern Downpour:
16. Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park:
17. Fall Out Boy – Saturday:
18. Bon Jovi – Lost Highway:
19. Cracker – Been Around the World:
20. Patrick Stump – Tom Traubert’s Blues (Tom Waits cover):
21. Regina Spektor – The Call (Narnia – Prince Caspian):

Bonus: Anika Moa* – Kotahitanga (“Oneness”):

Later today I’ll be posting some photos from this week’s series of goodbyes… My last day in Wellington, how strange is that?!

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