Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you moms, and especially my own Mami (the best of them all, in my opinion *g*) – you deserve all the credit! (The lavender I got this morning in church – it smells yummy!) Also, a big birthday shout-out to my best friend Sibylle! *hugs tightly* I hope you’re having a wonderful day – I miss you! Edit: I completely missed that it’s Pentecost weekend – they didn’t even mention it in church, which I find quite strange.

In other news: It’s been a nice weekend. On Friday I went to Meredith’s birthday dinner at a nice Korean restaurant (Seoul House) with some of her work friends, and on Saturday I met up with Celia and her hubby Charles for a late breakfast (almost a tradition by now) and then a guided tour through the New Zealand Parliament (including the very British looking parliament chambers, the “Beehive” administration building and the National Library). This afternoon I went to the library and got some material for the next assignment. Also, another lovely photo taken from my window at sunset on Tuesday, before it started raining (which it has been for the last several days, on and off).

Birthday girl New Zealand Parliament New Zealand Parliament New Zealand Parliament Sunset from my window

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