Sapporo again

Had a lovely relaxing time in Sounkyo (although the weather didn't always cooperate and the famous gorge was partly closed due to rockslides) and the farming village of Bibaushi, where I rambled over the fields and stayed up late (until almost 11pm! *g*) chatting with a nice bloke from Amsterdam.

Only back here in familiar Sapporo for one night, as tomorrow it'll be ten hours on three different trains to get down to Tokyo, for the last part of my trip. In one week I'll be back home! But right now I'm still enjoying myself in Hokkaido – and tonight I'll be sleeping in one of those (in)famous capsule hotels! I'm curious to see how it is and hope I won't get claustrophobic. The hotel also happens to be a spa, but since I have a tattoo (how shocking!) I'm actually not allowed to use it. A girl at the tourist information (where of course I am typing this entry) explained to me that this rule goes back to members of the Japanese mafia having tattoos. I guess I'll just dash in later tonight for a quick dip (since I'm still not tired of the pleasures of Japanese baths) and hope I won't get in trouble… *

It's only 6.15 now but already pitch dark. I don't think I'll ever get used to this. I'll be heading in the direction of the hotel now (situated in the 'red-light' district of Sapporo), grabbing something to eat and provisions for tomorrow on the way. I'll be talking to you again from Tokyo, I'm sure.