In the mountains

I must say, it feels good to be out of cities for a spell… Much less stressful rushing around, more just taking the beautiful nature in. Of course, the mountains are not specifically Japanese, but they're sporting the most beautiful autumn colors – and yesterday, I even saw snow!

Glad to say it was only at the top of Asahi-dake, the highest mountain, but still, it's definitely much cooler here. I even bought a pair of gloves, because they told me at the hostel that it'd be around freezing on the mountain. So I didn't bring those long-sleeved sweaters in vain after all… 🙂

Now I'm in Sounkyo, where there's a famous gorge to be seen. I'll do that tomorrow, though, when I have a full day. Can't check in here until 4pm, so when I log off here (it's nice and cheap) I'll go for a wander around town and maybe later for a nice bath at the hot springs. I'll get all relaxed just thinking about it! *g*

Brought my own provisions so I'll be self-sufficient – although the meal at the hostel last night was very nice (despite me not knowing what the heck I was eating), it's just too expensive. Especially now that I've learned that I have to stay in youth hostels after all in Tokyo – the people my cousin got me in touch with will 'only' play guides, not hosts. But (as long as I don't think of the costs too much *g*) that's completely alright, as it leaves me more freedom to come and go as I please. But that's in the future – now I'm off. Just hope my foot won't bother me too much…