Back home

Got back in one piece – but let me tell you, Australia really is pretty far away… There are definitely more fun things than spending almost 30 hours on planes and in airports! *g*

Another thing to remember is NOT TO PLAY WITH YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA WHEN TIRED!!! Because if you do that, you might just delete every single pictures you've taken in two months… 🙁 Luckily I have all my New Zealand pictures backed up in New Plymouth, and Denise and Ross are going to burn them on a CD and send them to me – but the pics I took in two weeks Australia are. All. Gone. Which sucks. But luckily you can't erase memories, no matter how much you play with your digital camera… *g*

Now I'm trying to get settled in again. Got my uni schedule sorted (uni starts again on October 20), organized all emails I got (turns out the forwarding didn't work with, watched the extra material on “The Two Towers” (how much do I love Lord of the Rings?), and got some updating done on my websites. I'm almost ready to start normal life again – although I'd prefer to do that in a warmer climate… *g* I've been traveling through all four seasons in two months – summer in Switzerland, winter in New Zealand, spring and summer in Australia, and back to fall in Switzerland (cold and grey).

I'll be sure to share pics with you asap – I've already bought additional webspace on chocolate dream… Thanks to my own stupidity you'll have to wait a while, though. My apologies.

Thanks to all of you who wrote me emails or comments, or just thought of me – I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you! *hugs*