Sydney airport: some things I forgot to mention

Like the first time I was in Sydney (on my way to Auckland two months ago), I'm taking advantage of the free internet provided – hard to believe that I got a spot at one of the three terminals without waiting… Anyway, in my ramblings about travellers cheques and airline luggage restrictions some things I wanted to share totally slipped my mind.

First of all, what I've done today, in addition to posting books (which seems to be part of all my trips – I am obviously completely incapable of leaving books behind *g*), I also made a trip to the famous Bondi beach. Today the weather was much better than yesterday, although still cool, so I didn't stay too long on the beach – but it's nice there, almost mediterrenian, and I always enjoy watching people surf (even yesterday at Manly quite a lot of guys were out in the water). After that I took the train back to the city and visited the glasshouses in the Botanical Gardens, which had still been closed yesterday morning (a drawback of being up and about at 8am…), something I always enjoy. Then I went and bought a CD I had been unable to find back at home or online – the soundtrack of “One Night the Moon”, an Australian musical we showed at our film festival this spring. I also made myself comfortable on a nice couch in the biggest Dymock's bookstore and finished reading “The Hours”, started in a Borders in Auckland two months ago… Naughty me – reading and not buying (for a change…)! πŸ™‚

Another thing I can't believe I forgot to mention is what happened yesterday, when Naomi and I were in the elevator down to the lobby, on our way to the cinema (to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” – the second viewing for both of us). The doors opened on first floor, and a girl came in, looking awfully familiar… We just stared at each other for a bit, before she asked (in English) where I was from, sounding incredulous. It was a fellow Medias student – we used to have some classes together. And where do we meet again, of all places? In an elevator in Sydney…

This story takes over first place in my hitlist of funny meetings, hands down! LOL We stood in the lobby for a while, chatting in Swiss German about uni life and next semester's classes, still a bit wide-eyed and unbelieving at the whole thing. I'm still having trouble believing it, actually. *g*

During this trip I haven't collected quite as many email addies as usually, but once more I've met quite a number of interesting people and had fun watching the weird habits of the human species… For example the driver of the airport shuttle, who knew exactly which lights stayed red for a while, and always had a book on the wheel, starting to read even before the bus had stopped completely. That must have been a REALLY good book! πŸ™‚
Or my bunkmate, who I never really met, because he came in when I was already deep asleep, and I left in the morning long before he got up. So last night at the bar I saw this guy that looked kind of familiar – and Naomi introduced me to the guy who'd been sleeping above me for the last three nights… He was very interested in Howie, my purple teddy bear. LOL

I have lots of stories to tell, but as always there's never time to share them all. And it's probably not very interesting for you anyway. Therefore I'm shutting up now! *g* Talk to yous when I'm back home… *hugs*