Interrail, Summer 1998

With seventeen me and Sibylle went up to Britain and all around the island by train – and in a tiny tent, despite the mostly very cold and rainy weather…

Home, sweet tent… on a day when the weather was decent for a change! *g* (The weird shape comes from this pic being a part of a huge collage Sibylle made me.)

Amsterdam – a really beautiful city and I'd love to go there again one day! (And no, we didn't buy any grass in one of the coffee shops… LOL)

I loved Cambridge – it's a dream of mine to study there one day…

Edinburgh was great – but incredibly cold, even in July… We left it after only one night of freezing in our tent! But I'd love to go back one day…

The coast of Cumbria – the train follows the coast line, it's a very very beautiful part of the country!

Naturally we had to go to Stonehenge – very fascinating place, but also very crowded… (Don't know how I managed to take a picture with no people in it!)

Naturally we also spent some days in London – didn't have any money, had fun anyway… (Btw, this is on the bridge next to the House of Parliament.)

Crete, Summer 1997

When I was sixteen we went on our last 'big' family vacation – ever since then it's never been more than a week. But those two weeks were really special, since I hadn't been at the Mediterranian Sea before at all – and now we went to Crete!

How I love the sea… This was taken by my mom in Falasarna – a very remote beach with no hotels, you had to drive there. It was very, very beautiful!

Being the big fan of all things antique (in the archeological sense) I naturally died to see Knossos…

Family picture – my dad, my brother Michael, me and my mom after a delicious Greek dinner. Wasn't I cute with 16? *g*