My 3 days in Broome are almost over already – tomorrow it’s 25 hours on Greyhound to Monkey Mia. I met a few nice people here, including Barbara from St. Gallen and Miguel from Z├╝rich, so I got to talk Swiss German. I’ll also be on the same bus with Frederike from Hamburg, but she’s going to Exmouth, not Monkey Mia.

It’s been a relaxing few days. Monday evening I went to admire the “Stairway to the Moon”, which was incredible – I’ve never seen a moon that big or that golden, it was almost like a sunrise… On Tuesday me and Frederike went to Cable Beach, which is all white sand and turquoise water, and in the evening Barbara and I saw “Mongol” at the open-air cinema, which has been showing movies for over 90 years. Today I went to the beach again and walked along it to a place where you can see dinosaur footprints at low tide. Unfortunately the tide had turned when I got there, but it was still a beautiful place. As always, all photos are here on Flickr.

Broome Broome Broome Broome Broome

Also, Dave sent two group shots from the Uluru tour, which our guide Mike took at Kata Tjuta:
Uluru tour Uluru tour