Last day…

Everything’s packed and I gave my keys to Meredith. Not as many boxes as I’d feared, but oh, it was hard! Trying to get excited about going down South tomorrow, but not quite there yet. I’m more thrilled about my Australia trip at the moment:

Staying with a friend in Melbourne, then a three-day tour along the famous Ocean Road to Adelaide. From there I’ll take the Ghan train to Alice Springs and go see Uluru, before taking the train all the way up to Darwin. Then down the west coast to Perth by Greyhound bus. In Perth I’ll again be staying with a friend before flying to Singapore on September 2.

Tonight Rathy, Jessica, Michelle and I will go out to dinner, the last one as official flatmates. Right now I’m watching a DVD while eating a golden kiwi fruit and the last two precious Basler Läckerli.

Last day

Next update will be from Christchurch, probably.