This has been a REALLY long day, seeing that I left home over 24 hours ago with my parents, but I’ve now reached my friend Bronwyn’s place in San Jose (near San Francisco). I’m exhausted but not really sleepy – gotta love jetlag… Also, my luggage didn’t make it here, probably because it took forever to clear customs in Los Angeles – there were only 40 minutes to spare before my connecting flight left. It should be delivered tomorrow. Or rather, today. *crosses fingers*

I’m very glad to be here and am looking forward to two weeks in beautiful California…

Btw, during the day the only connection to the world I had was via Twitter, which can be updated by text message. You’ll see round-up posts of my Twitter postings here once a day (if I make any, that is). But boy, that old tri-band mobile phone sure has its kinks – I can’t wait to get to New Zealand and use my pretty new one (bought in Singapore) again. /end randomness