Singapore live!

Amy's been showing me the Singapore lifestyle, together with some friends of hers. The heat and humidity are still getting to me, but luckily a lot of things happen in air-conditioned environments here. 🙂

In one of the malls (in Bugis, which is cheaper than the city center malls) I even found the first two 'Serenity' comics, which excited me to no end! Now I've a question: Could one of you lovely American people buy me the third issue (with River, if possible, else Wash) and mail it to me? That'd be fantastic – and I'd of course pay you back…

Singapore is a bit like I read on the websites beforehand – the main things to do here are shopping and eating. But it's all an experience, with so many different impressions, sounds, smells and tastes to take in. I'm proving to be a bit of a fussy eater, but I'm trying my best, although I'm an utter failure with chopsticks. *g* I was actually quite exhausted from all the new things I'd seen yesterday when we left Chinatown with its many lanterns – but today I'm rested and looking forward to some more. *smile*