Note to shirasade's LJ friends

Apparently, the MadCow cluster that is on will be down until tonight at 10PM PST (is that Monday morning my time? no idea). 🙁 So that explains the lack of updates – but I thought that at least some of you will see this post.

My voice has been pretty much gone since Friday night, but I had a lovely birthday party anyway. I've got some great people as friends and we had a lot of fun – ate, drank and talkedtalkedtalked about everything and nothing. It just was a bit quieter than normal… *smile* Totally worth all the work that went into preparing!

Okay, I'll catch up with yous when is up again – just know that I'm thinking of you and hoping y'all are doing good. I can't help but worrying – it's so strange not to be able to go and check how things are… *hugs tight*