Hello from Scotland!

Maerrie and I are enjoying ourselves enormously – we rented a very nice car in Liverpool and drove up North through the Lake Country. On our journey so far we've seen castles, ruins, vast landscapes, impressive coastlines – and even men in kilts. 🙂

Stopping points have been Kendal (at the entrance of beautiful Cumbria), Stirling, from where we visited Edinburgh, Inverness, from where we went to see Culloden Moor (site of a famous battle), Loch Ness (with the impressive ruins of Urqhart Castle), and the breathtaking loneliness of the Highlands here up North, including the fairy tale castle of Dunrobin. So many impressions in so few days – it's hard to believe…

Right now we're in Carbisdale Castle, which, believe it or not, is a Youth Hostel. It's quite high in the North, as from today on we'll be travelling southwards again. Having a car really gives us enormous freedom, and we've travelled some pretty remote roads. Luckily Maerrie is an excellent driver, but I've also been behind the wheels a couple of times, without any accidents! *g*

Scotland is really all I'd hoped for – so beautiful! We're also quite lucky with the weather – we camped last night near Loch Ness (without seeing Nessie, though *g*) and didn't get rained on at all. And now the sun is shining, with the promise of beautiful weather for the next few days. We intend to fully enjoy those!

Hopefully all of you are doing fine – I'm not online much but will probably check in at least once more before flying back to Germany to celebrate Maerrie's birthday with her family. *hugs*