Brisbane, Australia

Arrived in Brisbane/Queensland after a grueling 17 hour trip (bus, plane, and another plane), and got picked up by Willa. It was great to see her again, and the next day we headed off North to the Sunshine Coast, where her mom lives.

The beach at touristy Mooloolah (or something like that anyway… *g*) was lovely, if a bit windy, and Willa's mom lived just one block away from an even more beautiful beach in another town (of which I've forgotten the name – darn those strange Aussie names! LOL).

The next day we drove through the Glasshouse mountains to the (in)famous Australia Zoo, owned by The Crocodile Hunter but good nonetheless… 🙂 I even got to pet some Kangooroos and Koalas!

Now I'm enjoying a day in Brisbane (and have I mentioned how hot it is here already – and it's only just early spring…) before heading up North to Great Keppel Island for a couple of relaxed beach days. I booked myself into a single tent at the YHA there and am planning to spend three days in total lassitude on the island… Not that I've done anything tiring in the last six and a half weeks, but I feel in need of a vacation nonetheless.

After Keppel I'll go up to Airlie Beach, to fulfill my dream of snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and then fly back to Brisbane, to pick up my suitcase. I put it into storage, because all it contains is books, videos, souvenirs, and winter clothes, and I don't feel like carrying around dead weight. Also, I want to catch a train here in Brisbane down to Sydney and see a bit of the countryside that way, before spending my last four days in the big city.

The end of my trip seems awfully close, but I'm planning on enjoying every minute I have left (with the possible exception of the long bus rides *g*)…

Sending all of you lots of hugs – hope everyone is doing fine!