Okay, it's over – I'm sitting at my own laptop again… *sniff*

I had such a great time, specially the last week in Florida and I really didn't want to go home – but still, it always feels good to be back in my own room, with my own family, in my own country (even if it's rainy and cold…).

Since I'm trying to beat jet lag as quickly as possible I didn't go to bed at all, instead I worked on my class schedule and helped my brother with his. On top of that we got DSL installed – not without problems, but at least it seems to work.

I should try to get in touch with people (missed y'all A LOT, folks!), but I guess that has to wait till tomorrow… The lists will have to wait a bit longer – too much on my mind at the moment.

I'll send off my six roles of film (195 pictures!!) tomorrow – so stay tuned for when I'll post some of them here… Hugs, peeps! *g*