Cary, North Carolina

I know I've been somewhat MIA this week, but finding time and opportunities to update hasn't been easy…

We left New York on Tuesday night – truth be told I'd had about enough of the Big Apple… I've spent 10 1/2 days there, and with all the problems we experienced at our crappy hostel I felt relieved when we sat on the bus to Raleigh.

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy my stay – specially the last three days were really good. Among other things Sibylle and I went to see the Broadway musical 'Rent' (with Joey Fatone for those interested…), which was really great!

Now we're taking it easy in this small town outside of Raleigh – we're staying with Sibylle's former host family and enjoy not having to rush around for a change. And since I got an ugly cold I'm specially grateful for the comforts of a home – and a room of my own! *g*

Okay, that's about it for now – tomorrow night we'll head South, towards Florida! I want to check out Gainesville, the home of the university of Florida, and we both die to see Cape Canaveral (where they launch the space ships) and to catch some relaxing beach time…

Hugs everyone!!