Montreal, Canada

After a hot and pleasant stay in Provincetown I arrived in Montreal with the over night bus – a veery long drive with by far not enough sleep…
Therefore I haven't done much today, specially since the weather was really nasty.

The best definitely was my arrival – I walked up to the hostel when everyone was standing outside shivering because there had been a fire alarm. Not less than FOUR fire engines came – but luckily it had only been a water flood and no serious damage had been done.

The big thing today was naturally 9/11, even if in Canada most people went about business as usual, it was still ever present… Also there were sharp controls at the borders, a reminder every time.

I don't want to get gloomy, so let's close this with a big hug to all my family and friends – I think of you, even if I don't find the time to answer your emails…

And Sibylle – there's no fee on travellers cheques, so you don't have to worry about that. It's like cash over here. *hugs*