Synching from my website

Currently I'm trying to better fit my travel log into my website. Mostly because using WordPress will make posting photos with thumbnails much easier. Then I'll finally post those pictures from Scotland – promise! 🙂

ETA: Managed to import all old entries from LJ, although without linebreaks. Also, all photos seem to be broken – one of these days I'll have to fix that. Anyway, posting to LJ via WordPress seems to work, which is the main thing, as there are a number of people around who only read this on LiveJournal. But the blog is just prettier… 🙂

ETA2: For some reason the WP blog stopped working, so I'm back to posting via LJ and embedding the posts into my website.


It seems as if all the pictures are down at the moment. I'm still hoping that it's only a temporary glitch, because if not that means that I'll have to upload every single photo to another server that allows remote-linking…

Until then I'm afraid, this page will be completely picture-less. I'm sorry!

Welcome to my travel log!

Here you'll find accounts of my travels – I thought it'd be an easy and comfortable way to let my family and friends know what's happening when I'm away from home. It'll be in English so everyone can read it, for example the friends I've made on my travels so far…

There probably won't be a lot of updates here for the next months, since I'll be mostly at home until September 4. Then I'll leave for a six weeks trip along the East Coast of the US. I didn't visit that part of the country at all in 99 and there are a lot of places there that I want to see.

At the moment it stands like this: I booked my flight to Boston and the return flight from Miami (on October 13) and ordered a Greyhound bus pass. It's one for the whole of the US, since it would have been more expensive to buy one for the North and one for the South of the East. That of course means that I'm completely free as to where I go between arrival and departure – I love the thought that I could see the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or California again, if I was only ready to spend a couple of days on a bus…

At the moment all I know is that I'll start in Boston, spend a couple of days there, check out some colleges if they'd take me as an exchange student (a dream of mine!), then head up to Montreal, perhaps see a bit of the country in between. But that's all I know – of course New York and DC are on my list, too, but I'm really free as a bird… Just the way I love it!