Why, when, where… Some background info.

After finishing my studies in Switzerland (Social Anthropology) and New Zealand (Human Resources) I got my first ‘real’ job in the finance sector in Zurich. However, now it is time for a change – my long-term career goal is to work in the non-profit sector, make a difference at least in a little way.

Before attempting to find employment in this area, however, I came to the decision to volunteer abroad, join a humanitarian effort – and I feel rather strongly that I’m meant to go to Haiti, to offer my services to the people there in the aftermath of the earthquake.

For this purpose I’ve signed up with the Global Volunteer Network and plan to join their Haiti program in October 2010. I decided to do so because I feel it’s rather important to be part of a professionally run, stable project, especially in the uncertain circumstances in Haiti.

And that’s why I need your help: Volunteers have to pay their own costs (flight, insurance, etc.) as well as the costs of the program (board & lodging, project costs, etc.). I would very much like to go for 1-2 months, but this is rather stretching my personal savings, especially since I don’t have employment for the time after yet but will almost certainly earn less than in the finance sector. In addition I would love to be able to bring some donations straight into Haiti, to help where it’s needed most.

Every little contribution would be great appreciated and I’d be incredibly grateful for your support in this adventure…

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