Greetings – and thanks

Here you can leave me a message and meet my supporters.

I hesitated a long time before deciding to look for sponsors – it felt so much like “begging”. But after friends actually suggested it to me, I decided to go ahead with it, because it is a fact that without your help I’ll only make it to Haiti for a couple of weeks. Barely enough time to get settled into a project.

But naturally not just financial support is precious – your thoughts and prayers, during my preparation and of course during my stay in Haiti, are immensely welcome. I’m already aware that many wonderful people are thinking of me, and that is and invaluable help!

My network:
– My family; as always, I couldn’t do it without them.
– My circle of friends; always supportive and with good advice.
– Anti, convincing me that looking for sponsors isn’t something to be ashamed of.
– Lis, providing information about Haiti.
– All of you – and I’d love to name names, with your permission (just let me know when you donate or offer your help otherwise).