The nitty gritty about the project and the costs.

What know so far is that I have to be in Port au Prince by October 14. In the GVN Placement Guide, the program is described as follows:

Volunteers will be working with children, youth and adults within GVN’s two placement sites- Jacmel and Croix-des-Bouquets. Projects will vary for each site depending on the needs of the community. Currently both sites are offering opportunities for volunteers to teach adult literacy programs in addition to assisting with child care and child education programs for IDP (internally displaced people) camps and/or local communities near each placement site.

There might also be construction, rubbling (removing rubble), health care/health education and arts/crafts programs available. Please note that volunteers are not allocated a specific project. Volunteers skills will be utilized where possible, but we need to ensure that all the projects receive an equal number of volunteers and therefore volunteers may find themselves working on a number of projects throughout their placement. The aforementioned programs are constantly changing according to the needs of the community in question. Flexibility is a priority within each placement site.

  • The cost for a 2 month placement, which I signed up for, is USD 2497 (CHF 2700 / € 1900).
  • For my flights I paid CHF 1300 (USD 1250 / € 1000), which was the cheapest I could find.
  • I also would love to bring donations directly into the country, in order to be able to help where it’s needed most.